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Clan Leader
Clan Leader

Joined: Nov 09, 2008
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 21, 2013 8:16 am Reply with quote Back to top


A Berlin street, 1945. Allies have to capture the street in house-to-house combat.
The first buildings to capture are marked by a red flare (which turns blue when Allies capture the flag and red on Axis recapture).

Flags (which are always on the ground floor) must be held by the Allies for a total of 90 seconds to make the capture permanent.

At that point the flare turns yellow, indicating that Allies must now eliminate all Axis defenders in the building to secure it. So long as at least one Axis defender remains alive in the building, it remains unsecured. When the flare turns yellow Axis have 20 seconds to re-occupy the building - after that time as soon as no Axis soldiers remain alive in the building it is secured.

When the first buildings are secured the yellow flares are extinguished and red flares are lit outside the next buildings to be captured. In this way Allies progress up the street, trying to secure a total of 7 buildings to win.

There are no dummy windows in the map, which means every window opening potentially conceals an enemy soldier: so advancing in the open street is a risky business. Allied cov ops will need to provide smoke cover and seek out enemy snipers to assist the advance of Allied troops.

The flares are an important element in the game, and are produced using ET smoke generator entities. Some players will have disabled smoke, perhaps to help performance on low-spec machines or maybe to gain a small visual advantage, and so will not be able to see the flares.

To see flare smoke you need to set cg_wolfparticles to 1 (on NQ you need cg_smokeparticles set to 1).


Glider Panzer Duel

An open version of the Glider map with no objectives, it's just a playground for team panzer deathmatch.
There is nothing to build and no obstructions. The glider is pre-built and can be flown by anyone, and shot down by any weapon. It auto-rebuilds when destroyed.

The spawn locations change every minute, but you can override the random choices by selecting any of the spawns on the command map. All spawn locations are available, some of which might be shared by the enemy. Spawn times are every 12 seconds.

Ammo boxes supplying unlimited ammo are dotted around the map, and recharge times are quicker than normal.

The map ends after 30 mins (arbitrarily choosing Axis as the winners).


The sequel to the original Breakout map, Breakout 2

Picking up where the original Breakout left off, the sequel has far better graphics and some great new gameplay features.

Allies have to escort the battle-stained Tiger tank along railway track through a station and its surrounding village to escape.

In a departure from the usual tank barrier format, each of the main barrier objectives is a sequential double objective.
Stage 1 Allies escort the tank along the rail track towards the station.
Axis attempt to dynamite the railway footbridge to prevent the tank reaching the station.
If successful, Allies have to dynamite the wreckage to clear the path.
Stage 2 Allies get the tank to the station.
Allies must build a ramp to get the tank off the track. Nearby the Axis need to build a tank barrier to prevent the tank entering the village. Both teams will be attempting to dynamite the enemy's construction.
Stage 3 Allies get through the village and approach the road tunnel under the railway.
Axis attempt to dynamite the railway tunnel to prevent the tank reaching the bunker.
If successful, Allies have to dynamite the rubble to clear the path.
Stage 4 Allies enter the bunker and need to leave via the exit at its far side.
Axis attempt to dynamite the control room over the bunker exit to prevent the tank escaping. Note that if the control room is destroyed, it also destroys the Axis CP.
If successful, Allies have to dynamite the debris to clear the path. This allows Axis to repair their CP.
Allies win when they get the tank out of the bunker.


Troop Train

Axis are transporting armour reinforcements to the front line. Allies must destroy the 2 tanks on the trains before they arrive at their destination.
All the action takes place on two moving trains adjacent on parallel tracks.

First objective is to blow up the crates that block the Allies path up the train. This gives them access to the midtrain flag forward spawn, and sets them up for the final push to the front of the train where the Tiger tanks are being transported.

Players can move through the carriages, or along the top or sides, and can jump from one train to the other.

Passing overhead gantries and bridges help to prevent sniper domination, and quick respawn times mean players are never missing from the action for long. The straightforward layout also means it's quick to learn and no-one gets lost.

With a 10 minute map time limit, I believe it is best played in stopwatch mode.

Recommended 2-8 players per team, probably mayhem beyond that.



Set in the country manor of the board game Cluedo (Clue in the U.S.), there is no real scenario - this is played just for laughs as a break between "proper" maps. Each game lasts about 10 minutes.
Axis spawn in the Ballroom (centre top of the map) and Allies in the Hall (centre bottom).

A flag then randomly spawns in one of the seven other rooms. The upper edge of the room's walls glow white when the flag is active inside.

The flag can be captured by either team, giving the white glow an inner blue (allies) or red (axis) core to show the current possessor. When the flag is held for a total of 90 seconds by a team it is secured and removed from the map. The white glow is removed and the inner core remains to show that the room has been fought over and which team secured it.

This process is repeated until one team has secured four flags and is victorious.

Players can move freely between the rooms and enter the cellar. The doors are glass lined so that players are aware of anyone camping the other side, which is legitimate and likely to be the case.

Each room can be entered or exited through its windows, and the four corner rooms have secret passages which link them. Players can also move around and over the building.

Each of the seven flag rooms has a trap which is activated by the lever in the corridor outside the room. Once a trap is activated it cannot be re-used for 30 seconds.

The traps make the interior of the room uncomfortable or downright dangerous for its occupants, which helps to shift players camping the flag. The player activating a trap is teleported to a location outside the room, so he can witness the carnage he has caused.

To make things even more lively, the players will find there are all sorts of places that engineers can plant mines to surprise the unwary...

The action is fast and frantic, with low respawn times to ensure all the players stay in the thick of it.

Recommended for teams of between 2 and 12 per team.


British Bulldog

The entire action centres on the race to deliver 6 gold crates into your team's vaults.
Engineers are not necessary: there are no dynamitable objectives and nothing to build.

This is a manic romp and not to be taken seriously Smile

Grab each of your 6 gold crates one at a time and deliver them to the vault. Allied crates from the East cages must go into the West vault, and vice-versa. Similarly for the Axis crates in the North cages to the South vault and vice-versa. Arrows shown in team colours (Allies=blue Axis=red) guide the way for the current objective.

There are four flag poles. They are NOT forward spawn points: instead they function like a Command Post. Each flag captured improves your team's Charge speed:

0 flags = no bonus
1 flag = small bonus
2 flags = better bonus, plus Cov Op landmine warnings are transmitted
3 flags = good bonus
4 flags = great bonus

Stars will drop to the ground from time to time. Grab them before they disappear to be granted power-ups and bonuses. Notable powerups are:

Expressway. This provides a launch pad from the spawn point to the opposite side of the map. Handy when the next objective is over there.
Sleigh pad. This provides a jump pad (located at the snowman) up to the flying sleigh. The pad operates only when the sleigh is overhead. When ridden, the sleigh will launch dual panzer strikes at the enemy base.


Operation Chariot

In 1942 the greatest threat to allied shipping was the mighty German battleship, Tirpitz. Her vast size meant that the only dock on the Atlantic seaboard that could accommodate her was at St Nazaire.
So Operation Chariot was born, its mission to blow up the dock and neutralize the threat of the Tirpitz.

The game commences with the allies having rammed the south gate with the destroyer HMS Campbeltown. They must now attempt to destroy as many of the 6 main dockyard facilities as possible.

There are 6 objectives to destroy, with victory being achieved to differing degrees at game end:

0-1 objectives destroyed DECISIVE Axis victory
2 objectives destroyed Major Axis victory
3 objectives destroyed Marginal Axis victory

4 objectives destroyed Marginal Allied victory
5 objectives destroyed MajorAllied victory
6 objectives destroyed DECISIVE Allied victory

The map is very open and the allies can attack the objectives in any order - however, for the sake of gameplay, they don't have it all their own way.

The Allies must deliver a demolition charge, taken from the ship's hold, to any objective before it can be dynamited and destroyed. Two demolition charges are initially available, and when the first two objectives have been destroyed another two demolition charges are made available in the ship's hold. When the fourth objective has been destroyed, the final two charges become available.

This allows the allies to choose their targets, but limits them to attacking up to two at a time.

In addition, the axis have two barracks for their spawning. One is near 3 objectives and the second near the other 3 objectives. Axis players always spawn in the South Barracks, but have a passage that links the two barracks instantaneously - that is, an axis player at the South Barracks can move immediately (teleport) to the East Barracks and vice versa.

This is like having a choice of 2 spawn points, but without the bother of selecting them on the command map.

To guide axis players to the objectives under threat, there are ingame command maps in each Barracks. Indicators on these maps show which objectives are under attack, and which ones are especially in danger because demolition charges have been placed.

By checking this map on spawning, axis players can take themselves immediately to the action.


RTCW Depot 2

RTCW Depot was one of my favourite RTCW maps which I always hoped would turn up on ET. It never did, so I have done a conversion to get this classic played again.

Based on the revised Depot 2, it has a few changes from the RTCW version but remains essentially the same.

The enemy forces confront each other in a rail depot. The Allies must destroy the Axis Anti-Aircraft gun at the north end of the depot before the Axis destroy the Allied Field HQ in the south.

Best played with larger team sizes of say at least 8 per team, to allow some players to attack the enemy objective while some defend their own.


Battery Recharged

I'm a big fan of Seawall Battery, and like many players always wished you could get up onto the gun.

So I thought I would do a conversion of this classic map that would open up that area for some great firefights.

The original map has a bit of a bottleneck at the ramp, which lead to the development of a scriptfix to allow the backdoor to be dynamited.

In this version there are two frontal routes for the allied assault, so the blowable-backdoor script isn't needed.

Changes from Seawall Battery

Three additional primary objectives created for allies, making four in total:
destroy radar station (next to bunker)
destroy gun platform
destroy gun controls (same as in original map)
destroy power supply (at bottom of indoor railway slope)

Assault ramp moved to the slope under the gun barrel, and time taken to build increased by 50%.

Original location of assault ramp smoothed to allow allies to get up slope on foot.

Axis can build barricade (satchel objective) to block the new slope.

Players can now reach gun and gun platform from ramp and from inside gun room.

New Axis-only door added at beach top leading directly to gun room, to allow Axis to better defend the slope and the gun.

New constructible (satchel objective) Axis-and-disguised-cov-op-only door added near "power supply room", to slow allied access to it via gun room assault.

Allied East Spawn moved closer to the lighthouse.

Axis spawn time reduced to 20 secs.

More areas now permit landmines.


Radar Summer

I've always liked Wurzburg Radar, I just wished it would stop raining.

So I have done a conversion of this classic ET map to make it sunny with unlimited views to the horizon. To make it more interesting than just having nicer weather, I included these changes:

Extra Axis spawn location in the Road Hut - this helps them fight back more quickly when Allies take the Bunker. They will automatically spawn there if the Allies capture the bunker, unless the side door has been blown.
2 extra Allied primary objectives - destroy the North and South Radar Stations.
A lot of the player clipping has been removed, allowing players to get onto high places previously not possible.
The tank in the garage can now be repaired by Axis, and driven up the road to a defensive position.
New terrain textures, and things like owl hoots replaced with bird song.
Axis respawn time reduced.
Generator added behind door under wooden bridge. When blown by covops it opens the door in the bunker and the door being the main entrance to give additional passageways.



Spring 1943, the Austrian Alps: Allied Intelligence has reported that the enemy are developing a powerful new tank in a secure research facility. It is vital that one of the prototype Jagdpanther models be photographed for assessment.
Some Allied 'Horsa' gliders are in enemy hands and are crated in a nearby Axis outpost: capture the outpost and use the gliders to assist in the operation.

The Allies are dropped in by parachute and must assault the Outpost in order to gain access to the gliders crated there. They must then fly at least one glider from the Outpost to a hilltop overlooking the research facility. From there they will be able to destroy the generator, which opens the sealed door of the tank storage building.

They must steal the tank and transport it to the Outpost, where a Photo Reconnaissance Spitfire will be able to take photographs of it.



Chartwell, England, 1943.
Axis have launched a surprise paratroop attack on Chartwell, the home of WInston Churchill, to steal the plans for the D-Day invasion.

This is a small map of 20 mins duration, centred on the Axis attempts to enter the house and obtain the plans, best for 6-16 players per team.


Axis initially spawn at a building nearby, but they can quickly enable their paratroopers to attack by damaging the AA gun or the AA gun controls. With either of these out of action, the Axis spawn location is randomly changed to any location on the map for each Axis respawn. This allows the Axis team to attack from potentially any direction.

Allies need to repair both in order to force the Axis back to the original spawn.

The main Allied spawn is in the basement. There is an Allied-only flag in the pavilion, which if captured gives the Allies the option of spawning outside the house.

To get into the house, Axis must either dynamite the main entrance (non-repairable) or satchel either of the stairwell doors (repairable).

The Key must be taken from the ground floor dining room to the safe in the top floor study. To get into the study either of its doors must have been destroyed (one by dyna, one by satchel, both non-repairable).

On delivering the Key to the safe, the safe door opens and the Plans can be stolen. They must be taken to the Command Post in the grounds, and the Command Post built to secure an Axis victory.

Although all of the windows visible in picture 3 can be broken, getting out of the house with the Plans is a little trickier than it seems, as the broken windows are too narrow to jump through.

In this map Axis Cov Ops can set booby traps at the AA gun and AA gun controls in an effort to safeguard the paratroop attack from interruption. The booby traps are detonated if an unwary allied soldier touches the faint translucent white bar that reveals their presence. Allied Cov Ops can defuse the booby traps.



Spring 1944, Italy. The Allies are finally advancing at the Gustav Line when an S.O.E. Intelligence report reveals a hidden reserve of Axis armour near Monte Cassino.
The Allies must breach the depot heavy defences and destroy all the tanks stockpiled there before they can be used in an Axis counter offensive.

Description The Allies must escort a truck laden with a massive bomb to the re-inforced main gate of the Axis tank depot. The bomb is detonated when the Allied Command Post is built.

Once access has been obtained to the interior of the depot, the Allies must assault the tank garage and destroy the 8 jagdpanther tanks inside. Tanks destroyed cannot be repaired.



Axis infantry must support their Tiger tank as it tries to destroy an allied truck convoy.
Allied infantry must assist the convoy in escaping through the town.

This map features a Tiger tank which does not need player escort - it independently hunts the allied trucks.

Allies send false radio signals and damage the axis communication system in an effort to lead the Tiger away from its prey.

Axis can take fuel cans to dips in the road on the convoy route, to create firewalls that hold up the truck movement - giving the Tiger the opportunity to catch and destroy the trucks.


110 Factory

Allied raiders must get ashore from their stolen U-boat, storm the Me 110 factory and grab the secret radar components being fitted to aircraft on the production line.
The Allies start inside the U-boat and must assault the forward bunker using high-speed dinghies and weather balloons. Destroying the main entrance to the airstrip will give the Allies access to the Me110 factory and the radar components within.

Allies can enter the factory via the north doors or the side entrance and will need to fight their way along the production line to the south end where the radar components are kept.

The radar components must be brought to the American halftrack outside the factory for an allied victory.



Both teams have the same objective:

Get your tank to the Fuel Dump before the enemy gets his there!
If the time limit expires the winning team is the one which has made the most progress with their tank.



For either team to win:
Capture both base flags and hold them for 2 minutes, or...
Control all 6 flags
If the time limit expires the winning team is the one which controls the most flags.


Ludendorff Bridge

1945, the famous bridge at Remagen over the Rhine.
The Axis commander has been given orders to blow the bridge - but not too soon (to allow retreating soldiers to escape) and not too late (to prevent pursuing allies crossing the Rhine).



1944, France, soon after D-Day. A company of Allied soldiers are trapped by superior Axis forces near a french village. They must salvage a tank from the depot, force their way through the village and escape along the railway track.
This is a compact map, with the action focussed around the railway bridge, but the environment is very open allowing plenty of choice and scope for tactics. All the buildings can be entered.

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Clan Leader
Clan Leader

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flame guards warzone

The Axis are about to surrender to the invading Allies. Their only chance not to lose control of the last remaining rocket base is to neutralize it. Allies have to prevent Axis from taking over this strategical Factory Complex at all costs.

The layout of this map reuses some of the best features in the MLB map packs, including time extension (the total round time increases when the attacking team completes an objective). So far, it's the biggest indoor map I've made without using terrain. The Enemy Territory entity limit has been reached, meaning I couldn't extend the map much more.

Map Features:
6 different spawn locations for Axis
5 different spawn locations for Allies
Time Extensions upon objective completion. This avoid having a long lasting round and ends the round quickly if the Axis team can get past a specific objective
1 Neutral command post
6 MG42 gun nests
6 dynamitable Axis objectives
A time bomb on the last map section. This has been highly inspired from the MLB Daybreak map. The layout in the last section of FG Warzone makes this objective much more interesting
3 secret rooms. Note that they are in now way like the MLB secret rooms. You don access them the same way, they don give any specific bonuses and are located in map sections that aren't strategic. They therefore only act as easter eggs

A huge ET map of epic proportions! Very much like Daybreak. Axis must collect gun parts and gun ammo, Build and fire gun to advance or map ends


Wolken3 b3

longname: Battle of Wolken3

Allied: Allies have to defend the documents from Axis forces
Axis: Axis have to steal the documents from allied forces
Neutral; Axis are attempting to steal information Allied forces have
gathered on how to get out of Wolken and return home.


- Defend the forward bunker
- Defend the documents
- Defend the fuel can
- Prevent the Axis from escaping with the documents
- Defend the main entrance
- Defend the side entrance


- Capture the forward bunker
- Steal the documents and take to the plane
- Steal the fuel can and take to the plane
- Escape with the douments
- Destroy the main entrance
- Destroy the side entrance



Civilians manipulated by the Volksempfänger's propaganda program are resisting the allied forces.
To break the resistance, Allies have to overtake a local Transmitter, which is amplifying the master-signal from Berlin for local receivers.
They have to manipulate the transmission-frequency by installing a radio Modification Kit on the Transmitter.
The Allies also have to rotate the Antenna towards their pirate sender.

- Construct the Bridge.
- Carry the Modification Kit to the Transmitter-Station inside the Castle complex.
- Rearrange the Antenna towards our pirate sender.
- Infiltrate through the Tunnel Grate.
- Capture the Forward Hut from the Axis.
- Destroy the Serpentine Barricade to secure the Forward Hut.
- Stop the Axis from constructing a Command Post in the Forest Hut.

- Prevent the Allies from building the Bridge.
- Don't let the Allies carry the Modification Kit to the Transmitter.
- Prevent the Allies from rearranging the Antenna towards their pirate sender.
- Defend the Forward Hut from the Allies.
- Defend the Serpentine Barricade from Allied sabotage attempts.
- Stop the Allies from constructing a Command Post in the Forest Hut.


X-Dam Complex final

The Axis have started to build a new X-Lab facility in an old factory near an old water dam. Allied forces has came across this information and are now planning an attack with the mission to destroy the X-Lab and eliminate all Axis forces they come across. It is a dangerous mission and there is a need for some good strategy from both forces.

- Destroy the service area garage door.
- Destroy the upper dam wall (this wall can be constructed by an Axis engineer)
- Destroy the X-Lab
- Build the lower dam MG42 nest.
- Construct the Command Post.
- Capture service area spawn.
- Go covert op and go thru the Axis door in service area.

- Defend the service area garage door.
- Construct the upper dam wall to stop/slow down the allied attack.
- Defend the X-Lab
- Build the upper dam balcony MG42.
- Build the upper dam MG42 nest.
- Capture the service area spawn.

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Nice Hammer, Nice. Razz
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PostPosted: Sun Mar 31, 2013 7:19 am Reply with quote Back to top

some of maps are very bad to big for a few players:/
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Clan Member
Clan Member

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 31, 2013 11:24 am Reply with quote Back to top

Some of those maps looks really interesting.
Nice info hammer!

[LZ]Deadly is owning you.!
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Clan Member
Clan Member

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 04, 2014 8:33 am Reply with quote Back to top

Operation Chariot sounds interesting in terms of how the objectives work, but I guess we would probably need 6+ on each team to make it work.

If we had people playing more consistently, it would be fun to do a rotation of maps like British Bulldog and Panzer Duel every once in a while.
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 05, 2014 7:09 am Reply with quote Back to top

OMG, I love Glider. So much to do and so many places to go and do it. Smile
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